1. 22. 23. Wind Mills and tangerines
Wind Mills and tangerines
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Navigatorstangerines & Rubberbastard || High school AU


The sun was strong the first day of school, seeming unfitting considering how many students saw this as a horribly dark and gloomy day.  Students arrived through the gates, hustling and bustling down the halls in a hurry; no one wanted to be late on the first day after all.

Old friends were reuniting after the long summer, greeting each other with playful punches or hugs. First years and new comers stood off to the side, looking scared, awkward, nervous or lost while seniors stood tall and proud, walking through the school’s corridors as if they owned the place. It was a fairly large school, full of your stereotypical clicks and groups, plenty of bullies as well but it wasn’t the worse school in the Grandline for sure.

Luffy was a third year now, 17-years-old and the school’s mascot. Every game, he’d dress up like a pirate and go running in the halls, jumping and screaming while he proclaimed how he was going to be king of the pirates. The cheer leaders would all giggle, careful not to smear any of their make up as they did so.


"Oi! Nami! Wow!! Did you gain weight over summer!?" No - no, not the right thing to say. Quickly he tried to fix his mistake. "I mean - gain brain weight!! You must have gotten so much smarter!" Yes. She’d never know. 

✿-It had not been a good start to the morning. Not at all. Not only had Nami missed her bus (because her stupid phone didn’t sound its alarm- so she slept right through) but some stupid lower years spilled their drink on her. Right on the front of her new, clean, pristine uniform. How can she intimidate the rest of her year… WHEN SHE LOOKED RIDICULOUS.

Nami inwardly sighed, she was more than angry; albeit furious. Not only that but the baka would now have more reason to splurt out what’s on his mind. Just great. 

Walking through the doors into the bustling corridors of her school Nami was instantly stopped by her only real and close friend; Luffy. He began talking but her attention strayed to a new year that starting eyeing their way. …Well this is perfect… Nami angrily huffed and cruely smiled at the young girl. Making sure she wouldn’t look twice. God- It was infuriating how many of them young girls wanted in Luffy’s pants… He was a doofus, it didn’t make any sense.

"Hah- Ehhh? Woah wait- Luffy……DID YOU SAY I GAINED WEIGHT?" Nami snapped her head back, her voice pitching. "Hah…..you just want to get beat up don’t you?" Nami held out her arm and smacked him on the head.

"Friken hell. Well you are the same…as usual. Just..let’s go to class. I want this day to be over." She sighed, such a dampener on the day.-