1. 22. 23. Wind Mills and tangerines
Wind Mills and tangerines




((UwU Ehehehe~. Aww, you’re too nice and  asdfghhgf FORGIVE ME I DUN HAVE ANY PORCUPINE GIFS SO IMMA JUST BE A HEDGIE~. FABOO HEDGEHAAGEN-DAZS~. Ah, happenings? Oh, just college things and getting back into RPing after being away for months. I moved into a better dormitory with more privacy and a nice roommate. Plus my classes are cool like I’m taking a Japanese class currently.

I’ve kinda memorized Hiragana and other words pretty well. It’s some serious trippy stuff okay. Ehehe and I seriously missed RPing here. I’ve turned this blog into a genderbent ASL one and I’m opening up a Hetalia RP blog soon. How about you? I hope you’re doing well~.))

{HEDGIEEE~ I like I like! Oh man learning Japanese must be so friken hard…seriusly the language looks so damn confusing! ~ AHH and the dorm life~~ I so want to live in a dorm… O__O but.. is it actually good or? 

WELL- I am heading into my last year of high school~ fucking finally~ and finally have a job >__> as a waitress..OH AND I HAVE A BAE- BOYFREIND bahahah~ MY LIFE SO INTENSE NOW WTF~Omg I havent even touched my rp blog for like half a year..I KINDA FEEL BAD~!!}







HI~! I dunno if you remember me because its been a while, but this is Lien~! I think I’ve only RPed with you on my old Shachi blog (he’s my muse who’s still kinda around but not on Tumblr). I remember you, though, and sowwie I’m weirddddd.

I’ve been away for a while too but I came back~! Happy to see you again~! oWo ))

{LIEENNNNNNN- OMG- How can I forget you? ;) PORCUPINESS~ /hyperventilate/ Oh man oh man~ Have I missed you~ Your Shachi was the best of course- seriously- WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING? Ahhhhhh~ I am so happy to see you as well ;) THE WEIRDNESS HASN’T CHANGED YEAAAA~ }

I feel like I may have missed out on a bit….

GUYS. guys. gUys.

THis is one of my friends channels- he’s a drummer- and just woah! He really needs support- such amazingness!

Pls Go check him out!!! xD



♛- It’s over. They are over!

♚-Exams are killing me-